Thanksgiving continues  

Posted by Faithe Thomas

20. My cat who loves to purr while snuggled up next to me.

19. My work with Master Design that allows me to express creativity in a lasting way.

18. Bugs - as my daughter and I learn about bugs I am amazed at how creative God is.

17. Christian Media, especially those who work hard to provide good, clean, Bible-based videos for our children and family. Teaching the little ones from the Word is reinforced with these videos.

16. Air-conditioning. God could have had me live at any time in history, but I am very thankful to live when air-conditioning is affordable and available.

15. Green. I remember living in Africa and being shocked at how many different shades of green God put in trees there (it seems more there than in the US). Trees are an amazing concept - the air filter of the planet, the provider of shade and shelter, and sometimes the provider of food.

14. Fall. My favorite season of the year!

13. Pussy-willows. My daughter loves to bring them to me so I can tickle her with them.

12. Pictures. The memories that they hold.

11. God's love. My daughter is especially happy that God loves the whole world.

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