First 10 Things  

Posted by Faithe Thomas

#10. Being settled.

#9. My daughter.

#8. My husband.

#7. My experience around the world.

#6. My exposure to and experience with a spiritual life.

#5. My education.

#4. My Christian heritage. I have been raised at a place and time where I have access to the Bible in my own language, where I have access to material and people who can guide me in my walk with God. My country has had religious freedom (though this is changing).

#3. My sister. She often points me in the right direction when I am at a loss.

#2. My parents. Through their faith in God, I was born. They sacrificially raised me to know my Creator.

#1. Life. God is the author of life. Without Him, I would have no life - physical or spiritual.

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