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40. A sense of adventure. I can't really imagine living without a dream or a hope or a new adventure around the corner.

39. The insights that God gives us into His Word.

38. The warnings God gives us in His Word.

37. My daughter's sense of humor - the little wry smile she gets or just watching her laugh at herself.

36. God's sovereignty. It is comforting to know that He knows the future.

35. Access to the Throne and a listening God.

34. Hummingbirds. How does God get all those parts in such a little space?

33. Food. Americans have a lot of food, food choices, and storage methods.

32. A brain. It is an amazing creation. Complex, always able to learn. Wow!

31. Income. As Eric has been laid off and GoodYear is shutting down for weeks at a time, it makes me all the more grateful for the income that we do have.

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